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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Photo of Kit Mkayi in Kenya, E. Africa

Faith enough to move mountains
comes of using faith
enough to move grains of sand.

~ Gardner Hunting

Monday, January 11, 2010

Reading ~ Let the Lion Eat Straw

I acquired this book free of charge at a library in the town where I lived several years ago. The title -- LET THE LION EAT STRAW caught my attention because I thought it sounded like a book where Africa or things African would be the subject matter. The author, Ellease Southerland (aka Ebele Oseye) is from Nigeria and the jacket sleeve stated that she lived in New York City at the time of publishing2000 (originally 1979). I went to visit her webpage, but found it not functioning. However, I found a faculty profile page on the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences where she published one profound sentence about her teaching innovations: "I am passionate in my understanding that literature must entertain and inform." LET THE LION EAT STRAW is a strong testament to the reality of that passion.

The main character in the book is a little girl by the name of Abeba Williams who is six years old at the beginning of the book. Events and interpersonal relations go along so smoothly during this part of the book that I almost refuse to imagine that they were living in the U.S. as the time period appears to be early 50's. But sure enough, thanks to Rev. Argentina, once they talked about having 'boiled peanuts' I knew they were in North Carolina. In fact, I have several cans in my cupboard right now as I always ask Rev. A to bring some back for me when she travels that way. Back to the story...

What a peaceful, wonderful, almost magical place this little girl lived in with a mid-wife who brought her into the world whose sensitiveness to Abeba would have been the envy of the most astute child psychologist. Insight like this only comes from spending quality time with another. The merchants in the town and the neighbors in the community all knew one another and seemed to have amicable relations.

Abeba's life changes when she moves from the south to the north to live with her biological mom and step-dad. You'll have to read the book yourself or join me again when I continue sharing my impressions through the journey of life through the eyes of a beautiful child named Abeba. Thank you Prof. Southerland.

She can be reached via email at E-mail: Eoseye@pace.edu

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let's Take a Walk and Talk

Peace of the World International is an NGO that has been hosting "Peace Talks" for the past three or four years. But, there is an upcoming Peace Talk that encompasses a little walking.

The Road to Peace Walk encompasses 530 miles from Nairobi in the southern portion of Kenya up into the northern territory which borders Ethiopia. Dr. Crocheron wants this to be what she calls a "leisurely walk" taking 54 days beginning September 5, 2009. In a recent interview, she said, "This is a grand opportunity to go through villages that never see any kind of tourism and experience culture on a deeper level than experienced by those who come looking for animals or peering through tour bus windows. I want to bring attention to the beauty of the land and in the faces of the people yet not ignoring either conditions of poverty or wealth under which people are living as I travel along the way."

Staff and volunteers of Peace of the World International are helping Dr. Crocheron to plan a true marathon with her walking from the southern region to the northern tip of Kenya to inspire others to work for peace and bring attention to the suffering of children with HIV/Aids, the plight of orphans and the poor, and to raise funds and awareness for the Peace Complex and Asaviour® House in Malawi. Both are projects of Peace of the World International: the Peace Complex at Huri Hills will include a vocational training center, free clinic, clear water wells, World Peace Flame Monument and a Children's Peace Academy. The Asaviour® Houses are designed to support the total person through wholistic projects, programs, and living style.

Known to most people as Dr. Sophia Asaviour, this 55-year old communications network owner is also the founder of Peace of the World International, an NGO with satellites in nine countries and three U.S. states. She is quite the adventurer. Several years ago, she drove 1,942 miles "alone" from Michigan to Sedona Arizona. She says: "The trip took five days, "only because I stopped in so many beautiful places and also in Illinois to visit my old prep school alma mater. Once in Oklahoma, it was not unusual to find me stopping every 20 minutes or so just to take photos of the awesome landscapes. The mountain ranges of New Mexico alone were worth the extra day's travel. The whole trip was absolutely marvelous...an unforgettable experience."

Interested in joining Dr. Sophia on this walk for peace, write them at Peace of the World International and sign up!

See you there!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Huri Hills Project Halted

Work was to begin on clearning land for a Memorial and Peace Monument in Huri Hills, one of Kenya's northern territories. But, due to the civil unrest following the recent elections, work on establishing the complex at Huri Hills has been halted according to officers of Peace of the World International. "It is hoped that we will be able to regain any lost ground in future months or years. It is devastating what has happened and we are more concerned about the welfare of our friends and volunteer staff than about building at this time".

Further information will be posted here as provided.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

U.S. NGO Founder heads for Kenya to build Peace Memorial

MANKOTO, MN -- In November of 2007 Dr. Sophia Asaviour, president of Peace of the World International, is arriving to clear land in Huri Hills in Kenya East Africa. Acreage has been made available for a Peace Memorial to be built, which will include: a Vocational Training Center, Free Clinic, Clear Water Wells, and Children's Peace Academy.

Through the efforts of the Honorable Ukur Yatani, who is a Member of Parliament, along with the generosity of the people of the Marsabit District, a memorial is being built in the Huri Hills area in memory of the 12 government officials who set out on a mission of peace (Monday, 8 April 2006) and were killed in a devastating plane crash. This is phase one of a four part project to be completed on 10+ acres of land.

Dr. Asaviour says she is going to Kenya to work because: "I want to take part in all phases of this project's growth and development. I am calling upon those who will volunteer to join me in: clearing the land, setting fences, laying foundations, building walls and roofs, digging and securing wells, and planting fields. The purpose for this effort is to bring together volunteers, local builders, and villagers to work together for the benefit of peace and for the sake of the community. This is the beginning. Come and continue with us."

Anyone interested in volunteering should send an email to info@peaceoftheworld.org.

Any company or organization that is willing to donate tents for lodging, provide food for volunteer meals, or make any other contributions, should contact Destiny's Light Radio Network in Kenya care of Mr. Samuel Guvai at 254-723-283752 email address guvaisam21@gmail.com or Christian Partnership Development Agency (CPDA) care of Mrs. Alice Kirambi at 254-44-2838 or 254-44-1994.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

In the Midst of it All

Sometimes it may be difficult to find Love. With the ups and downs of life. But, somewhere right in the center of it all is love. If we truly want it...it is already there. Love is what causes forgiveness to loose its bitter taste. Love is what is required to give your life for your friend. Love is what will cause you to give your last dollar to a stranger on the street. Love....it's truly all about Love and it is in the midst of all of our living.


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Internal Revenue

"Knowing others is wisdom;

Knowing the self is enlightenment."

-- Tao Te Ching

(photo - Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

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